“Welcome to Chicago.”

While driving with Andria over the weekend, somebody crossed in front of our stopped car, turned, and ran directly towards us, jumping and hitting the windshield and hood with their body. Then they crumpled in a heap on the road in front of us.

We called 911, and over an hour later, we were able to leave. The person was taken away in an ambulance. On the police report, the state trooper listed us as the ‘victim.’

I still don’t know what to think of this. Whether the individual was on drugs, trying to scam us, or none of the above, it’s clear that s/he is in great need, of what exactly I’m not sure.

One very positive part of the experience was that two people actually stopped and waited with us in order to give a witness statement on our behalf. While we were waiting, we got to talking about the recent move out here from Las Vegas. “Huh–welcome to Chicago, right?” one of them said.

Crazed people jumping on our car notwithstanding, it is a positive welcome to a new place when others are at willing to take time out of their day to help out a stranger. I am grateful to those “Good Samaritans”–and yet, I’m a little haunted by the question of how to try and be a better “Good Samaritan” in my own right, to neighbors whose intentions and predicaments I can’t really figure out.

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  1. Adam Says:

    It makes a great story to tell over cocktails, “You simply would not BELIEVE what happened to me today…”

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