Lest we forget: there were no WMD

As of today, 3931 U.S. soldiers and 80,625 and 88,048 Iraqi civilians have died as a result of our war.

It’s been less than five years since the beginning of this immoral, endless war. The blood of our soldiers and of Iraqi civilians is on the hands of Bush administration, which is singularly responsible for getting us into this disaster.

Bush and his surrogates (knowingly?) used flawed intelligence to make their case, lied about the imminent threat posed by Iraq, and shamelessly exploited post-9/11 American and world unity in order to convince Congress and huge percentages of the American populace to go along with it.

How did they sell this to so many of us in the first place? WMD. Eradicating weapons of mass destruction in Iraq was the “one reason everyone could agree on” according to
Paul Wolfowitz (but hey, what did he know?).

And, contrary to what many peope unfortunately still believe, there were no weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq. NONE.

Worst of all, we’ll be cleaning up the mess for years.

What a disgrace. Though there’s no occasion for remembering all this right now, we must stay vigilant–or at least enough so as to never allow this sort of international travesty to happen again.